Geographical Location

Enumerating the names and pinpointing the geographical location of the fifty states of the United States of America will have become much easier for us now especially that we are now adults. However, for children, it may be quite a struggle. In order to help them improve their knowledge about the fifty states, a group of web developers has created an online application that is solely dedicated to such purpose.

This application is known as the Learn states. This online application is very simple to use. It basically serves as a game wherein all that you need to do is drag the given state one by one to their correct geographical location on the map. If you got it right, then you will now proceed to the next given state. However, if by any chance you made a mistake, the correct location will be colored in red.

Then, all you have to do is just drag it to the right location. Just make sure that you will remember it the next time you will play the game. In every learn states game you play, you should make sure to record the time it takes for you to finish it and the number of tries you did before you completely finished it so that the next time you play you will be able to compare whether you have improved or not.

Indeed, the application Learn states, is an effective way so that people will be able to learn more about the different states.

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