Learn States

Are you familiar you familiar with all the names and locations of the 50 states in the United States? If no, then perhaps his application will help you know them one by one. The application called learn states is designed for people who desire to know all the fifty states of America. This application is perfect for adults and children alike who are unfamiliar with some of the neighboring states.

This will help them get to know more about the geographical condition of the United States of America by means of playing the game.

The application learn states is very easy to access, just log in to the website and once you are in, an empty map of the United States will appear. There are instructions at the upper portion of the screen. Just simply follow the instructions and you are good to go.

When playing this game, all you need to do is drag the given image of the state and place it in its correct position on the map. Do not worry if you do not know where it should exactly be placed. Just make your best guess and place it there. If ever you are wrong, it will show you the correct location of the state.

Just simply drag it there, and the next state to be placed will then appear. This application learns states is an excellent way to measure your knowledge about the geography of the United States. Furthermore, it also teaches you the locations of those which you do not know.

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