Location of states

Do you know all the names and the location of states of the United States of America? If yes, then perhaps you are up to the challenge. In this online game application called learn states, you will be tasked to correctly locate the position of all the states on the map. Once the game starts, you will be timed therefore you should make sure to be very quick in dragging and dropping the states in their right location.

If you get it all correctly, then you have proven yourself. However, if there are times when you get a wrong answer then you will see its correct location in red. Drag it there and then continue with the game. Just make sure that you comprehend the right location so that the next time you play, you will get surely get it right.

By using the application called learn states, it will definitely improve your knowledge about the different states of America. Furthermore, it will also improve your knowledge about the geographical location of the various states.

The application Learn states is definitely suitable for children and adults alike. You will definitely be able to enumerate all the fifty states in one sitting. It will then encourage you to expand your knowledge about these states.

Also, this application is pretty simple to use, all you need to do is access the website through any of your gadgets. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can check the application anytime and anywhere you want.

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